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I have completed a range of seasonal keepsakes for customers. This includes Memory cushions, Memory Bears and Friends as gifts for family and friends.


"This Christmas cushion is crafted from a daughters precious Christmas outfit. It has pockets created from a poncho worn on Christmases past, a cuddly way to preserve memories of a growing family and those special shared moments."

Christmas Memory Keepsakes

Please welcome, Mum Bear. Precious clothing can be used to create a memorable Parents Day or Birthday gift for a special person in your life, reminding them of the love of her family.


Memory Bears can keep our family and the precious shared moments alive in our hearts.


She has a secret pocket in her back for protecting personal treasures, messages or gifts.

Mother's & Fathers's Day Memory Gifts

Birthday Memory Bears and Keepsakes Gifts

Birthdays are usually celebrated by giving gifts, and it can often be difficult to choose a gift with real meaning. A memory keepsake from special clothing from childhood, or family is very meaningful and full of love.


This bright memory bear was created for Sam's 50th Birthday Celebration. She requested each member of her birthday party bring the gift of a small piece of fabric, and look what a bright, cheerful Memory Bear she is. An everlasting reminder of friends, fun, laughter and love.’


Christening and Naming Gifts

Welcome a new family member to the love of the world and your family. In your special celebrations a Memory Gift handmade from their precious clothing, or family clothing that holds precious memories is a unique and lasting way to celebrate the love of family.