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Our pets are such a big presence in our families, it has been described that pets give unconditional love, they are always happy to see us and lift our spirits on the worst of days.


They bring families together in the caring for our pets to join in walks, rides and adventures, there is a loving connection whilst stroking and being close to our special family members.


A Pet Memory keepsake is lovingly crafted from the blankets, clothing and accessories of your very loved pets. Your chosen keepsake will provide you with a personal object that can hold all your memories of your beloved family member.


All Pet Memory Keepsakes can be created with a sleeping bag, to protect and keep them safe a special pocket to contain treasured items like fur or ashes. Please discuss at the time of ordering.


Each Memory Bear/ Pet Keepsake comes with one personalised embellishment if required, this could be: A Name or Date using embroidery or name beads or we can provide an engraved name disk, further detail can be added on request.


The design of your Pet Keepsake is totally unique to you, I will use the fabric and clothing you supply to carefully design your Keepsake.


This can be pet bedding, coats and towels and your own clothing like walking trousers or riding outfits for example. Name tags, leads, rosettes and other accessories can be used and will add to the creation of a Pet Memory Keepsake that captures your everlasting memories.




Pet Keepsakes

  • To remember a loved pet that has passed on

  • Commemorate a special event

  • Celebrate achievements at events and shows

  • Hold close a pet that has been re homed

  • Hold close a pet whilst living away from home

  • Memorable Christmas Presents

  • Personal birthday gift

  • Pet Keepsakes are available as Memory Bears, Memory Dogs, Rabbits and memory cushions but if you have a specific animal you wish us to create for you, please get in touch.

Pet Keepsakes are a wonderful and unique gift idea

This old blanket stood the test of time. It held very special memories for Babs. It was used as bedding, picnic blanket and Spuds bed.

What wonderful memories were captured in the fabric. This beautiful Memory Dog was made to remember her most trusted friend ‘Spud’

To complete her memory she incorporated some of ‘Spud’s’ fur clippings into the stuffing.

Bab's Dog - Spud

Meg is a most treasured family member, she brought joy to the whole family. Her passing left a hole that could not be filled and the family wished to capture the love and her spirit by using her beautiful bed to create two treasured memory dogs. One for the family to keep Megs memory close and one for a family friend who truly adored Meg, a special gift.


We used bedding to craft the bespoke dog and her leather collar to re create two little collars and included some of her lead to create a bow to complete the keepsake.


A keepsake to treasure forever.

Meg's Memory Dogs

Alison and I met and shared the importance of Zach in their family life and wished her mum to have a memory dog.


Alison commissioned me to create a bespoke memory dog as a special 81st birthday gift for her mum. Zach the dog came to visit Winnie in her memory bear and keepsake sewing studio, we had a cuddle and a photo shoot! Alison had lovingly gathered all of Zach's old blanket, collar, towel and some fur clippings. Alison shared the importance of Zach in their family life and how her mum now disabled was unable to walk and care for Zach so was missing his closeness.


Zach now sits at home and is a very loved keepsake for her mum.

Take a peep at Zach, he is gorgeous!


Mums precious Zach dog

A very special friend ordered a handmade keepsake cushion as a gift to remeber ‘Pickles’. Sadly, Pickles her friends beloved pony passed away leaving a deep sadness.


His precious pony blanket was lovingly crafted into a keepsake cushion using all the special features which included the clips, straps, logo, lining and top fabric. His mane was embroidered to complete the gift.


‘thank you so much Winnie, she loves her cushion and sleeps with it every night’

Pickles the Pony