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By winnie, Aug 11 2019 04:35PM

I am pleased to be able to share these precious Memory Bears with you at last. They travelled home in the spring time but were waiting to meet another member of the family before I could share with you.

These Bears have been created for a customer to Celebrate the life of her huband and a father. He was a very keen golfer and was honoured to have been Captain of his very loved Golf Club. So their Memroy Bears were carefully designed from his Captains Uniform, creating keepsakes with bow ties, shirts and cumberband. The final touch was usung his buttons to joint the bears.

I was really delghted with these finished beauties!!!!

By winnie, Jul 16 2019 09:00AM

This week I am delighted to share with you a truly special Memory Pet Keepsake, please say a big hello to Alfie Bear, a memory bear created for the love of a special bichon frise family dog.

Always a privilege to work with a local family to celebrate their loved ones and chat about many happy memories . In fact I was lucky enough to know Alfie and his family and see him grow and witness how much love his family shared with him, he really was one of the most important member of the family.

Alfie Bear is created from his bedding, a very loved and favourite cushion he used at Nanny's house and his collars. His fur is nicely snuggled in near his heart and he has a secret pocket for a personal treasure.

Thank you for taking the time to view this precious memory keepsakes, hope you like him too!

Best Wishes, Winnie

By winnie, Jun 4 2019 06:50PM

Good evening all,

a little share of a recent conversation I had in a group of people I was chatting too.

One lady was enquiring as to my interests and employment. After a little share of my passion for my job she expressed- 'so you make cushions?'

How hard it is to explaing how totally personal and heartfelt keepsakes are to you all. Each one is full of a milllion memories and the journey of love and life. Each item of clothing woven into your keepsake reflects so many actions, words, thoughts and the untold journey of each unique relationship. I wonder if I will ever find the words to reflect the love our keepsakes hold?

Perhaps one can only know when the moment has arrived to capture and hold onto such precious memories!

xxx Winnie

By winnie, Mar 15 2019 05:03PM

Good evening to all you lovely followers,

what a busy week I have enjoyed, many exciting new projects going on in my household!!! Both of the sewing and creative kind and also of the building kind!!!

Whats this i hear you say, what is she building???

Please take a few moments to admire my creative project. I am rebuilding a retaining stone wall at the back of my garden. A little daunted at the start my very kind friend gave me a lesson and start off demonstration, and then….. over to me it was.

So this Thursday was my wall building day and I am delighted with the progress, what do you think?

Look out in a few days and I will be able to share my latest Memory Bear designs, they need to go and meet all their family members then they can have a little share on my web and FB.

Have a lovely weekend xx

By winnie, Jan 17 2019 05:24PM

Good evening,

I cant believe we are now in 2019 and stepping into spring. With that in mind I have been spring cleaning my memory keepsake photos.

In this journey through my albums (gosh I have so many!) I have been reminded of the powerful role our pets play in our everyday lives, and also the deep sadness that is felt when we lose them.

It is said that the lasting bond between pets and their family is totally unique. They are always so pleased to see us, even on our darkest days they can warm your heart and make you feel loved. They unite families in a common bond of love and togetherness and are truly cherished.

So over the next week I will share a few Pet keepsake collections with you, I didn’t want to keep them all to myself!!!

I hope you enjoy my choice? Let me know which ones you like best.

Here is my very best friend Bisto sitting proudly in the chair he is not meant to sit in !!!! Love him to bits and pieces, he certainly is a very treasured member of my family, along with all the bears of course!