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Memory quilts are a very personal way to be close to your memories. The special quilt or blanket can be created from all you precious clothing that holds memories.


You could be wrapped in your children’s baby clothes reflecting those baby days, perhaps celebrate their achievements by collecting uniforms and sports kit. The can all be transformed into a treasured quilt.


Being snuggled in a bespoke quilt handmade from your lost loved ones clothing brings a sense of closeness and a very firm reflection to our fondest memories.


The memory quilts are hand pieced and designed in squares with added appliqué of logos and other important elements of your clothing. I can include your buttons and other treasures if desired.


Your quilt will be created with a fleece backing using a colour that compliments your fabrics, this creates a soft feeling blanket when all wrapped up.


Each memory quilt can be delivered with a personalised label if desired and can all be discussed at the time of ordering.


You can choose between a large or small lap quilt, and we will work together to create a design that holds a true reflection to your loved ones and the memories.


Dementia Quilts

Memory quilts can be created to give those suffering from memory loss/ dementia a close reflection and tangible reminder to their past and their stories. Touching and holding the quilts created from their families clothing can release memories of times gone by.


Memory Quilts

  • To remember a loved on that has passed on

  • Keepsake for your babies first clothing

  • Gift Ideas for 18th or 21st Birthdays

  • Gift Ideas for Mothers Day, or Fathers Day

  • Memorable Christmas Presents

  • Loving gift for grandparents

  • Christening Gifts

  • Remember your childrens early school days

  • Thank you Gift

  • Great gifts for the Bride and Groom

  • A very personal gift to thank the Bridesmaids or close family.

  • A welcome to a new family member: adopted child, new partner, or sibling.

Memory Quilts are a wonderful and unique gift idea