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A Memory Cushion is a wonderful way to capture special fabric and clothing into a lasting keepsake.


You can use your babies precious first clothing, blankets and comforters. School or sports uniform can be used to mark those special times or events.


We can keep our memories alive of our loved ones who have passed away by creating a keepsake cushion from their clothing or memorable fabric.  


Memory cushions can be made as christening gifts, to commemorate a wedding or as a gift to the bridesmades, most clothing can be used to make a memory cushion. The pocket can contain little gifts, poems or special keepsakes.


Each Memory cushion is approx. 41x41cm. It is filled with feather pillow for a beautiful soft texture.


This can be replaced with a polyester pillow by request. The cushion has a personally designed front to incorporate your special features and memories, the back is of a softer fabric using a jumper, towel, robe or fleece.


All your unique requirements can be discussed at the time of ordering.


"'This beautiful memory cushion was made using babies first precious outfits. Her favourite dress, baby grow, and vest was used, and the top of the dress has made a special pocket to keep other special keepsakes, like hospital name bracelet or special taggy. The back has been made from her soft fleecy blanket. her little socks are tucked in another pocket.,"

Memory Cushion

  • To remember a loved on that has passed on

  • Keepsake for your babies first clothing

  • Gift Ideas for 18th or 21st Birthdays

  • Gift Ideas for Mothers Day, or Fathers Day

  • Memorable Christmas Presents

  • Loving gift for grandparents

  • Christening Gifts

  • Remember your childrens early school days

  • Thank you Gift

  • Great gifts for the Bride and Groom

  • A very personal gift to thank the Bridesmaids or close family.

  • A welcome to a new family member: adopted child, new partner, or sibling.


Memory Cushions are a wonderful and unique gift idea

Barbara had three cushions made from her memorable clothing and accessories. I loved hearing her memories and we had great fun selecting the clothing.


This included her brothers cub scarf who passed away when he was just twelve years old. Her sisters lace  hankies, a comical tea towel, and her favourite comfy skirts and t shirts.


She wanted to create three Cushions for her children, we added lovely buttons and daffodil brooches to represent her Welsh origins.

Barbara's Cushion

I was delighted to create this cushion for Kerry. A wonderful way for the family to welcome their future daughter in law to their family.


Each family member gave some familiar clothing to create the cushion and her fiancé gifted his engagement shirt to make it truly personal.


A unique touch was the addition of Tanzanite, her favourite semi precious stone.

Kerry's Welcome Cushion

A delightful keepsake cushion created to welcome a wonderful new member to the family. little max was chosen to join his family and adopted this year.


His keepsake was designed to reflect his new family and the love they hold for him. we included fabric that reflected happy family memories like, home, sea, pets and that all important Beetle car'

Max's Welcome Cushion

This Bespoke Memory cushion was created for Karens daughter as a treasured keepsake to map her passage to her 21st Birthday.

Mum Karen collected many memorable clothing items chosen by her brothers, a real family event. The fabric included  her daughters Nursery lampshade, baby clothing, bridesmaid dress and clothing she dorned at family events. To complete her Keepsake we included a sense of her future by adding her sports t shirt and some fabric representing her love of travel.


Karens 21st Birthday Gift

Ashley and her sister Michelle worked secretly over several months to collect fabric that represented their life and loves to make a Memorable keepsake for their mum on her 60th Birthday.


They included precious baby clothes, school blazer, childhood cardigan , wedding veil and lots more. Ashley had a love of music and is an accomplished musician, I managed to print her most memorable piece of music on fabric and include this in the Keepsake also fabric print of the olympic torch logo. well, carrying the 2015 Olympic torch has to be celebrated.


"My mum absolutely loved the cushions!!! she said they were "sensational and a truly original gift" The amount of detail you've put into them is really impressive-they’ll be a talking point for many years to come”


Ashley & Michelles Birthday Gift