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A Memory Friend is a keepsake lovingly crafted from the clothing of a loved one.  Memory Friends are created in different characters, you can choose from:


Memory Bear

Memory Rabbit

Memory Dog


They will provide you with a personal object that can hold all your memories and can be ordered with their own unique sleeping bag, to protect and keep they safe.


Memory Friend Keepsakes are created to remember your loved ones, they are designed and crafted, to hugged and held, but are not designed to be toys. They are handmade with one personalised embellishment if required, this could be: A Name or Date using embroidery or name beads. Further detail can be added on request.


The design of your Memory Bear/Keepsake is totally unique to you, I will use the fabric and clothing you supply to carefully design your Bear/Keepsake. I include important features from your clothing where desired, you can also add other flourishes like jewellery, buttons or labels. These can all add to the creation of a Memory Friend / Keepsake that captures your everlasting memories.


All your unique requirements can be discussed at the time of ordering.


Memory Bear Friends

  • To rememeber a loved one that has passed on

  • Preserving babies babies precious clothing

  • To celebrate / remember the life of a lost pet

  • Gift Ideas for 18th or 21st Birthdays

  • Gift Ideas for Mothers Day, or Fathers Day

  • Memorable Christmas Presents

  • Memory Friends are available as Memory Bears, Memory Dogs or Memory Rabbit, but if you have a specific animal you wish us to create for you, please get in touch.

Memory Friends / Keepsakes are a wonderful and unique gift idea