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I can't speak highly enough of Winnie, I was looking for someone to help me keep my dad's memory alive after he passed away in November and I found I couldn't bear to part with some of his special items of clothing. I approached several companies online but Winnie was the only person who treated me as a person rather than an order number!


We had a chat about what I wanted to do and I felt confident I had found the right lady. The resulting 3 Memory Bears, for myself and other family members are all that I hoped for and more. Dad was a keen walker, like Winnie herself, and when I saw that little backpacks could be added to the bears this set me thinking we could have his walking club badges on the rucksacks too, and I've put items like his old compass, tiny cut out maps, and his Remembrance Day poppy inside the rucksacks.


Winnie said she thought that the material from the clothing holds a special energy and bond to the deceased person and I think this must be true.


I'm getting lots of friends asking for details for ideas to make wedding dresses etc into a Memory keepsake.

Keep up the lovely work you do Winnie and many thanks



We had these bears made from our grandson's first outfits . Don't they look wonderful?

Made by Bags full of Memories . Thank you Winnie ! X

Kerstin Clarke


"Jasper has arrived the most beautiful creation I have ever been lucky enough to receive.  Thank you so much it brought tears to my eyes. Love the fact that Jaspers fur is close to Jasper dogs heart.


Hope the recipient loves him as much as me. You have chosen perfect pieces from the fabrics I sent I keep seeing other bits like his ears are made from his football socks and my fleece. Cannot express how pleased I am sorry for the rambling but he has just arrived. Cannot wait for you to create one for my other son in a little while.


Thank you - cannot tell you how many people I will be telling about your wonderful business."

Dans Friend


Winnie, with your skills, your creativity, and most of all with your heart, you have helped make such a difficult time for my family just that little bit easier.  The bunny has generated lots of positive conversation about her husband and his life, and provoked many more happy memories.  What you have done is 'brought back' a piece of life.  We can’t thank you enough.



Thank you for bringing back so many memories with my lovely cushions.  As I am 91, I will be giving them to my three grown up children so they each have part of the legacy from our family.  I am especially moved that my brother John’s Scout scarf is included as it has been in a box since he died in 1941.  I look and touch the cushions every day and they bring my mother and brother closer to me.  Thank you.



The Bears arrived today. They are so fantastic. They brought tears to my eyes.  The girls will be delighted. Thank you so much.



Thankyou so very much for my wonderful Quinn Bear. He's coming around he world with me to meet other bears and I'm so happy he's with me! He really is the most handsome bear, beautifully crafted and much loved.  He means the world to me, Thankyou Winnie!

Patti Savage


"Winnie's talent and skill in creating such keepsakes are outstanding, and the wonder of her creation is a beautiful and heartfelt gift which brings long-lasting joy and love to us"

Isabelle J. in Devon, UK


"Winnie has encapsulated all the love and memories I have for my lovely granddaughter Isabelle. She has created a memory which I can keep forever"



"We just love Elliot’s Memory Bear, it’s a fantastic way to keep those precious items once worn by your little one .Our lovely Bear sits on a shelf in my bedroom reminding me every day of my lovely boy"



"My Mum passed away in in January 2014 after a difficult time with a terminal illness and i asked Winnie to make me a lovely memory bear with her beautiful scarf which she completed recently and it is really lovely. Winnie listened carefully and with gentle kindness  and included items like buttons and a necklace from my Mum's wardrobe in fact whatever i felt was important to make bear feel like a memory of my dear Mum.


Winnies workmanship is excellent and Mum's bear will now sit next to her photo on my display cabinet and brings me a smile when I look at her. I would highly recommend Winnnies memory bears they really are super"