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Jasper The Memory Dog

Jasper the dog was created from memorable clothing from his family. we included his first scratch mitten and a baby outfit, school and football kit from both boys and favourite tops from mum and dad.


Dan will be traveling far from home on a scholarship. His adored dog jasper will be waiting at home for him.


Jasper will be a reminder of HOME, LOVE and FAMILY, his stuffing has a little fur included from Jasper to complete his unique keepsake.


"Jasper has arrived the most beautiful creation I have ever been lucky enough to receive.  Thank you so much it brought tears to my eyes. Love the fact that Jaspers fur is close to Jasper dogs heart.


Hope the recipient loves him as much as me. You have chosen perfect

pieces from the fabrics I sent I keep seeing other bits like his ears are made from his football socks and my fleece. Cannot express how pleased I am sorry for the rambling but he has just arrived. Cannot wait for you to create one for my other son in a little while.


Thank you - cannot tell you how many people I will be telling about your wonderful business."