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Hannah’s Baby Keepsake

Hannah was lucky to receive a Memory Keepsake gift voucher from her colleagues while pregnant with her first baby.


When baby Rhys was just a few months old she chose a selection of the tiny baby outfits that he had grown out of to create her memory rabbit.


Each little outfit held a memory of: leaving hospital, Dads favourite outfit, special colours loved by mum. We even had enough to create a memory bear sleeping bag with handmade label.



Hannah wrote:


"Winnie has truly made a wonderful creation out of all my son's most special baby clothes that I can treasure forever.


It is easy to see that Winnie puts her heart and soul into her creations, and I can't recommend her highly enough, for any occasion! Thank you Winnie. Now I will always have her to hug, long after Rhys has grown up and taken on his own adventures"