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Bonita's Memorial Bunny

Bonita and I created her Aunty a lasting memory of her husband, who has sadly passed away. Bonita and her Aunty chose his colourful silk tie and two jumpers that held special memories of him.


Bonita and I met and discussed which parts of the clothing was most memorable. They wanted all the worn and paint stained sections of the jumpers to be the most visible along with the logos from the jumpers.


I created bunny with all the most memorable sections of the fabric. He was stuffed with Alpaca wool and has a felted tail. The final flourishes and Sleeping Bag was crafted from the left over fabric.

A unique Memorial Keepsake


A Memorial Bear can help to keep those you love close.


Bonita wrote:


"Winnie, with your skills, your creativity, and most of all with your heart, you have helped make such a difficult time for my family just that little bit easier.  


The bunny has generated lots of positive conversation about her husband and his life, and provoked many more happy memories.  What you have done is 'brought back' a piece of life.


We can’t thank you enough."