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• Each Memory Bear is 40cm tall full height and 29cm high sitting down


• Each Memory Dog is approximately  26cm tall when sitting up and 26cm long.


• Memory Bears and Dogs are jointed using strong thread and buttons.


• The Memory Rabbit is approx 32cm full length. I use Devon needle felted fleece for the bob tail. The rabbit has limbs that are movable but not jointed.


• They are filled with toy stuffing or fine Devon fleece on request. I am passionate about using local products wherever possible.


• To complete your Pet Keepsake you may wish to incorporate some of their fur clippings into the stuffing.  This very personal and can be discussed at the time of ordering.


• The noses and some tails are made from local Devon needle felted fleece or coloured wool if desired.


• The thread is selected according to the fabric of the clothing you send in order to create the finest finish.


• Your Bear/Keepsake takes many hours to craft, using both machine and hand sewing, the completion and individual touches are all finished by hand.


• Each Bear/Keepsake comes with one personalised embellishment if required, this could be: A Name or Date using embroidery or name beads. Further detail can be added on request.


• The design of your Bear/Keepsake is totally unique to you, I will use the fabric and clothing you supply to carefully design your Bear/Keepsake. I include important features from your clothing where desired, you can also add other flourishes like jewellery, buttons or labels. These can all add to the creation of a Bear/Keepsake that captures your everlasting memories.


• If no specific requests are made I will use my knowledge and skill to craft your keepsake in the best possible way using the clothing supplied..


All your unique requirements can be discussed at the time of ordering.

Memory Bear Facts

Suitable fabric.

• Cotton jersey like t shirts and baby grows.

• Cotton and linen as in shirts, skirts and trousers.

• Fleece

• Silky or satin fabric can be incorporated in paws and limbs.

• Blankets


I can use most types of clothing, hats and accessories, uniforms, sports kit, wedding dresses, baby clothing, printed fabric, textiles, made from stretch or non stretch fabric.


The fabric of most clothing has been washed and worn, so areas may need to be strengthened with interfacing. If areas are stained or over worn it may need to be avoided.


If you wish the fabric to be clean please wash prior to sending.


Knitted fabric is not suitable for a Memory Bear.

Quantity of clothing required


Bears and cushions

1-19 items of adult clothing

6-19 baby clothing

Buttons, badges and accessories that you wish to include.


Pet Keepsakes

1 or more items of pet bedding, blanket and clothes associated clothing.

Plus collars, disks and leads.


Large lap quilt

10-20 items of adult clothing

20-25 items of children clothing


Small lap quilt

8-12 items of adult clothing

25-30 items of children clothing


Contact Winnie to discuss quantity required for seat rugs.

Bear Care

• Do not wash

• Sponge clean only with cool water.

Memory Cushions

Each Memory cushion is approx. 43x43cm. It is filled with feather pillow for a beautiful soft texture.


This can be replaced with a polyester pillow by request. The Memory Cushion has a personally designed front to incorporate your special features and memories, the back is of a softer fabric using a jumper, towel, robe or fleece.


The pocket will have a personalised card and a poem if required. This can be discussed at the time of ordering.

Memory Quilts

The memory quilts are hand pieced and designed in squares with added appliqué of logos and other important elements of your clothing if appropriate to your design.  I can include your buttons and other treasures if desired. Your quilt will have fleece backing, the colour will be to compliment your chosen fabrics. I then use a selection of machine and hand quilting to complete your creation.


Each memory quilt can be delivered with a personalised embroidery  and label if desired and can all be discussed at the time of ordering.


The memory quilts or blankets come in two sizes:


Large Lap 142cm x 100cm approx

Small Lap 100cm square approx


The colour of backing can be chosen at the time of ordering.

Each quilt needs to be hand washed with cool water with only a very short spin and natural dried.