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Antonia’s Memorial Bear

Our Story:


"My daughter Antonia lost her best friend and loving granddad as I lost my Dad who I miss terribly on 7th February 2016 it was a devastating time for us all.  


I wanted to do something very unique and special for her as a keepsake and for myself also.  


My dad liked the finer things in life was a great man and always of smart appearance so what better way to celebrate this but to have his clothes made into memory bears.  


I was very humbled to have found Winnie who was lovely I spoke about my dad we had clothing sent for 2 bears one for me incorporating both my mum and dad in mine and the other for my daughter who wanted just her granddad.  


The detail of the bears are stunning with moveable arms and legs all made from his suit jacket and shirt.  


My daughter and I have got so much strength and love from our bears we talk to them take them places with us have picnics together and shared many a story.  


I can't thank Winnie enough for our bears it's like my dad has been brought back to us and has helped with the healing of the grief felt by all of us."