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My love of needlecraft was inspired by my Grandmother Alice May who was a fine tailoress and was still sewing at the grand age of 102.


Due to her influence I have been sewing all my life. In fact I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have a needle and thread in my hand.


A few years ago I was inspired to craft a rag rug, created from the clothing of all my loved ones past and present. It is now a glorious welcome mat which celebrates precious memories every day when we walk over the threshold of our Devon home.


My childhood Teddy Bear has been a constant companion; he is dressed in the coat I wore as a baby. The baby jacket was fashioned out of my fathers old dressing gown, so every time bear and I meet I am reminded of family and the love that we all shared. Realising the power of fabric to capture and evoke memories I was inspired to make my first memory Bear. Friends and family were enthralled by my bear, so I began to make individual Bears for them out of their memorable clothing, the feedback was inspiring. A very special friend wanted to keep her Bear safe and close to her heart, so I made a bespoke bag to hold her Memory Bear, and so: the idea of  Bags Full of Memories’ was born.


I feel honoured when asked to lovingly create treasured memory Keepsakes and privileged that I have opportunity to offer this truly personal service.



Best wishes

      Winnie x

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